21 Mar 2014

Nail care

You now how your presence, posture, attitude is important in first impressions? Or how you dress influence how people see you? Same goes for your hands and nails. Tidiness is important. As I love doing nail art and really don't feel well if my hands aren't in good state, I thought I would show you how I take care of my nails. But note that I'm in no way a professional and this is only my opinion. 

Tools that you'll need:

  • Hand cream: As I have very dry skin, I use hand cream regularly. I tried lots of them and there really aren't many that I liked. My favorite is L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, but I've been using natural Alverde Intensiv hand creme with Granatapfel and Karitebutter for some time now and I absolutely love it! The use of it depends on how dry you skin is, but I would recommend on using it before sleep and after doing things that can damage your skin, for example using nail polish, removing nail polish, cleaning dishes… And of course in winter before you go out in to the cold weather.
  • Nail file: I think this is one of the most important stuff you'll need to have healthy nails. Mine are very brittle so I use softer files that close the edge of the nail. My absolute favorite is LCN yellow file 320/320. Though everyone's talking about crystal nail files these days - I don't use them, so I can't really comment on that, but it sounds like a good option, so maybe you can try it.
  • Cuticle care: If you use nail polish a lot I think it's good to use some kind of cream to hydrate and soften your cuticles, but do not cut them! I use Lush Lemony Flutter, which you can also use for any other dry parts of you body, as heels and elbows. I use a tiny amount of it and it works great, so you have for a really long time.  I also use Sally Hansen  Salon Manicure Cuticle eraser + balm, which is suppose to help you remove cuticles, but I don't really think it does it's job, but I do think it moisturizes them and it smells sooo good. You'll also need cuticle nipper and some kind of a stick with an angled sharp edge to help you push and remove you cuticles.
  • Base coat: This is also very important. I remember how I didn't think that I need this or I'd just buy some cheap one. But when I got into nail art I learned how important a good base coat it. It protects you nails, makes you nail polish last longer, prevents from stains… I use Essie Nourish Me, but some of famous goods ones are OPI Nail Envy or base coat from Butter London.
  • Top coat: It makes your nails shinier, protects from chip wear. Because I like to use at least 3free nail polishes (without Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde), I don't like famous Seche Vite. I am currently using Jessica Brilliance and read really good reviews of Essie Good to go. Whichever you pick, just watch out that it's fast drying. it will save you a lot of time.
  • Nail polish remover: I love Zoya Remove +, it doesn't smell like acetone, doesn't dry your nails, mine actually looks better after I use it! It's also good to use it before applying nail polish, because you get rid of residue on the nails. I would stay away from cheap ones, as I used a lot of them and always saw white stains on my nail after usage, because of the dryness they caused.  

My nail care routine:
  1. As I wear nail polish all the time, I first take it of usually day before and use Lemony Flutter overnight. But this is just optional.
  2. Next day I put Cuticle eraser + balm on my cuticles and massage it in. Then I gently push them in the corner where the nail starts. If cuticles are overgrown then I use nipper and cut ONLY the dead part of the skin. You have to be really careful, because cuticles will determinate how healthy your nails will be. If you cut into them and hurt yourself, bacteria can easily come in and start infection.
  3. I leave balm on my nails and start to file. That depends on which shape you want your nails to be. I like oval shape so I start at the edges of the nail and start making oval shape on both side. Then I lightly go around of all nail edge so the surface is smooth.
  4.  Then I wash my hands and use hand cream. If I want paint my nail, I first use Remove+ and always start with base coat. 

How do you take care of your nails? If you have any additional tips, I would love to read it in the comments.

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