21 Apr 2014

DIY Face mask: Bentonite clay

When it comes to face masks I like home made ones. First because it costs less money and second you know exactly what ingredients are in. I'm making face masks with "Ašičeva čista glina v prahu". It's a Slovenian brand, but this is actually normal bentonite clay.

What is bentonite clay? It's aged volcanic ash that has been used trough history to rid body of toxins. It's also good at soaking up dirt and grease, have antibacterial properties, that's why it is a key ingredient in many cosmetic products.

How it works? When clay comes in contact with fluid, it's electrical components change and start to absorb toxins. That happens because bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge, which bonds to the positive charge in toxins. Clay contains a high level of minerals (calcium, silica, magnesium, iron and potassium), so when it absorbs toxins minerals are released. (Happy skin!)

How to make face mask? You simply mix clay with water or green tea (even better!). I have 2 very important tips for you:
- Never mix mask with metal spoon! If clay comes in contact with metal it become less effective, that's why you should mix it with something not metallic.
Do not let your mask dry on your skin. I know in many recipes for clay masks instructions say: "Leave it on your face till it's dry". NO, that is wrong! Wet clay absorbs bad stuff (oil, dirt) and minerals go into the skin. But when clay starts to dry it actually begins to draw out moisture from your skin. Nobody wants dehydrated or irritated skin, right?

You can also add ingredients like:
-Honey: antibacterial and moisturising
-Tea tree oil: good for infections such as acne
-Coconut oil: the fatty acids in coconut oil helps lock moisture into the dry skin

Oh, and here is the most important tip of all: when you have your mask on, you must relax and enjoy!

Do you make face masks yourself? Please let me know if you're going to try this or you have some other recipes. I would love to try something new!


  1. Glinene maske so moje najljubše! Ampak jih vedno pustim na faci kake 5min preveč, I just can't help it :D. Trenutno uporabljam eno od znamke Sóley iz vulkanske gline in je super. Tele Ašičeve pa še nisem probala, hvala za idejo :)!


  2. Hehe Gita, nisi edina, tud jst sm do nedavnega vedno poskrbela da se mi je lepo posušila na obrazu, logično ane :D Aha, tale tvoja Soley pa tud deluje super, in ima ful lepo tako classy embalažo, sem jo mogla takoj poguglat -fiirbec :P