18 Apr 2014

Do you like to travel?

I love it. I can’t really imagine how I would get through life without being able to take some time off and see different parts of the world. As a student it’s hard to save money for this kind of things, but I manage to go to a few places a year, even if those aren’t some big trips. I just came back from one, so I thought I would tell you about it.

I was in Seville, Spain. One of my closest friends is studying abroad with Erasmus and a half of year of not seeing each other is way too long, so I decided to go and meet her there. I already knew I really like Spain, as I’ve been in a few cities before, but I kinda fell in love with Seville. It’s the capital and largest city of Andalusia (province of Seville where Flamenco originated, so you know it has to be awesome) and fourth-largest city in Spain. I stayed in the old city center and had everything in walk distance. This part of the city is so beautiful and romantic, oh my. Full of narrow streets with colorful houses, which have windows with gates and flowers on sills. Plus Spanish people are so laid back, it’s like time runs slower there then here. Did I mention all the parks, palms and orange trees, and the path by the river that is just perfect? You really can take time to enjoy and just be (while eating tapas, haha). I'm not really a "touritsy" tourist or how shall I say it. I like to see the main atractions, but I just pass by them and then reather try to feel the city by watching locals and going to places that they like. As I’ve been there for more than a week I also managed to see some nearby cities: Huelva, Cadiz and Cordoba. Huelva is the city where my friend is studying, it's small but cute. Cordoba is just beautiful. It has the same feel to it as Seville, and the tapas we ate there were delicious..mmm. We had a bit of a weather situation in Cadiz, so I didn't see all of it. It was like someone opened the skies, rain was falling hard and the wind almost blew me away. I had to go up the hill to see the sea, but the wind was so strong that I couldn't move upward and my umbrella literally hugged me - it was hilarious and the people who were watching were laughing their asses off. Jup, I gave them a show. But as much as I did see Cadiz, it looked cute and very similar to others.

I could go on and on, but let me show you a glimpse of everything in photos below.

Tipical streets of Sevilla (although picutes can't captrue the true beauty of it)


Walking path by the river

Orange trees everywhere

Paella, mmmm







  1. Oh my <3. Čimprej moram nekam spičit. Čimprej!!! :)


  2. Getaway is a must! Se ti kar pridružim :D