5 Apr 2014

The most gentle eye makeup remover

I've spent years searching for a makeup remover that wouldn't irritate or burn my eyes. I have extremely sensitive eyes, so finding the right product was really hard. I read a lot of reviews and tested a few products. Here's a review of 3 gentlest makeup removers I like and work well.

1. Alverde Augen - Make-up entferner

This was one of my first products, on which I put all of my hopes. I like the brand itself, because they use natural ingredients but still have low prices. This make up remover did its job well. It left my skin soft, but unfortunately did burn my eyes a little. It gently nourished my skin, so in the morning it was still soft after I used it night before. What bothers me is that the product contains so much alcohol.  If we look at ingredients list it's on second place and that's not good for your skin.

2. Yves Rocher - Pur bleuet

This is similar to Bioderma Sensibio H2O. It contains cornflower, which is known to have healing and relaxing effects for tired eyes. But I didn't notice any of that. If you check the ingredients list, it contains a few chemicals. It irritated my eyes a little bit (in the corners), and it took a bit more effort to clean my eyeliner away. I liked its non-greasy formula and it didn't dry out my skin. In general the product was ok, but nothing special really. So I was still in search of makeup remover that won't burn my eyes. Also the price is still a bit to high for the effect and amount of product that you get.

3. Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Micelle Solution

I've read so much about this product on beauty blogs and that was the reason I had to try it for myself. I didn't believe it won't irritate my eyes or skin, because after all of the products "for sensitive eyes" I've tried, I almost lost hope. But this product really works, hurray! If by accident larger amount of product came into my eyes, it didn't burn my eyes, like all the others did. This impressed me a lot. Now I remove my makeup easily, it's gentle to my skin and leaves my face fresh. Best thing is, if you came home after a party early in the morning, you can just wipe your makeup off, no water needed. This product has a "cult"-status for a reason! I also use cleanser after removing my makeup and skin is in so much better condition that it was ever before. 

So here is my conclusion: Bioderma is the best, but if I'll be on a budget in future, I'll use Alverde calendula makeup remover, or I'll make my own home made one. But about that in another post, soon. Please let me know which is your favorite all-time makeup remover, or do you have any different way of removing your makeup?  


  1. Bioderma je res super, škoda da je cena mal zasoljena :/. Moram poskusit tega od Alverde, trenutno mam kr enga ki mi skor razžre kožo okol oči :D. Super post :)!


  2. Ja res je, Bioderma nima cene za študentski žep. :/ Imam namen preizkusit še od Garniea, me prav zanima primerjava. Ta od Alverde je ok, samo ne pozabi ga z vodo sprati z obraza, ker alkohola je pa notri malo morje. :D (povohaj v DM, ti bo takoj jasno o čem govorim.) Hvala Gita! :)