30 Apr 2014

Thought of the month

There’s a big difference between being happy and just existing without effort on daily basis. You might think that because you have your routine down and don’t struggle through the day, that is enough. And maybe it is, for you.
But most of us are just so caught up in our comfort zones that we don’t even try to mix things up. It may be because of lack of time, energy or encouragement, it’s not easy to break out to unknown. It takes courage to stand for yourself and stuff you love, especially in todays society where everybody wants to pull you their way.
So many people are daydreaming about how life could be, if “this and that” happened… but why stop there? Why not take some risks and see the results? Even if you don’t succeed every time, you know what they say, no pain, no gain

So lets listen to ourselves, lets do stuff, lets be adventures and lets be brave and find what it is that truly makes us happy and stick with it, yeaaaah!

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