18 May 2014

An Idea for nail art

Does anybody else love tribal print? Well, I sure do. It’s easy to do something similar in a nail art and you can do it in a thousand different ways. Cool, huh? 
So let me show you the simplest way to make your manicure a little more special.
What you’ll need: 

  • Base & top coat. I used Essie first base and Jessica Brilliance.
  • Color nail polish. I used Kiko 330 Lilac.
  • It’s so easy Stripe Rite. If you want to paint any kind of stripes, this is the easiest tool to do it with in my opinion (and I really can't draw at all). Of course you can use just a regular brush with long end and another nail polish or even acrylic paint.
  • Dotting tool / wood stick
  • Nail polish corrector pen

For those of you who don’t paint your nails very often it might seem that this is complicated and hard design, but in truth it’s the opposite. Let me take you step by step:
  1. First paint you nails with base coat. I used Essie first coat.
  2. Paint your nails with two coats of your color nail polish and let it dry.
  3. Then just take Stripe Rite and put the excess amount of paint off the brush and begin to draw lines in different directions. I mixed straight and narrow lines with some zig-zag.
  4. If you feel like there’s too much empty space somewhere you can use dotting tool - add some of the color nail polish on paper and dip the dotting tool in it. Then just paint some dots where you feel like it. You can also do this just with the end of the brush or with a wood stick, toothpick or really with anything that has small end to it.
  5. Seal the design with a topcoat.
  6. If you painted your nails a bit over the edge, you can just use nail polish corrector pen and tidy things up.

What do you think about this nail art idea? Hope you give it a go and have fun with it, enjoy!

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