17 Jul 2014

DIY Body scrub

Body scrubs can be very expensive and full of toxic ingredients and chemical fragrances. So we’ll make a homemade one, which will be inexpensive with only 2 ingredients. Your skin will be soft and refreshed, perfect for summertime.

You need:
   An exfoliant: Salt, sugar or oatmeal. Salt have lots of minerals, sugar is slightly gentler on your skin than salt, but if you have very sensitive skin oatmeal is the gentlest.

   Any kind of oil, depending on what is your skin type. I would recommend olive oil (I'm sure you have it at home) or coconut oil. If you want a little bit more luxury, add massage oil. It can be very therapeutic because of essential oils.

In my case I needed scrub for my hands only, so I mixed a little bit of sugar and Afrodita's 100% SPA Massage oil.  Scent of this oil is amazing!! It smells like sweet almonds with vanilla. And skin is so soft after use.

Just mix these two ingredients together in a jar or any kind of bowl and enjoy. Woah! 

Do you use body scrubs? If yes, do you buy them or do you prefer home made ones? 

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