27 Jul 2014

Handbag staple: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, La Favorite

My go to makeup products are lip balm and mascara. But right after that, I love lipsticks. I think they make you look more polished and lighten up your face. I go for all colors, from nudes to bright, as long as they have good formula and suit my skin tone. I don’t have that many, because I prefer quality over quantity and am really picky when it comes to different formulas (as my lips are really dry). 

My absolute favorite is a lipstick that has just the right name for it. It’s from Chanel, their last years Rouge Allure Velvet edition and it’s called La Favorite. Perfect, right? It’s intensely pigmented coral (adore this color) with matt finish. I always have it in my bag, as it’s also easy to apply, long lasting and doesn’t dry my lips. In spring and summer, I ware it all the time. Plus, even my boyfriend loves the color!
You know where I discovered it? Lisa Eldrige (the queen of makeup) was wearing it just as it came out and it was exactly what I was looking for. Some things are meant to be, and me and La favorite are one of them.

Which is your handbag staple?

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