6 Jul 2014

Refresh yourself #1

We have to keep hydrated in hot summer days. What do you say, if we make this a bit more fun and treat ourselves? I got the idea on Pinterest, it looked so awesome I just had to try it.
I found this refreshing tea that you can infuse in cold water, and chose the one with the taste of raspberries and lemon, because I also had both of them fresh at home. 

I decided to make ice cubes with raspberries in them and cut up slices of lemon for extra freshness. 
Then I just combined it all together and voila. It's so delicious and refreshing! Plus, it looked awesome! I think this would be perfect as a social drink, that you can easily make yourself and make fun by choosing different colors, tastes and shapes.

Let me know if you tried this or if you have any cool ideas how to spice it up? In the mean time, enjoy!


  1. Looks super yummy! I think I have to try it! <3
    All the best from Munich,


  2. Res izgleda super kul, pa še osvežilno - bingo :)! In maline v ledenih kockah, človk jih kr ne bi nehal gledat :D!


  3. Jaaa, maline so awesome! Bom tole pripravila za piknik :D