21 Jul 2014

Review: Afrodita 100% SPA sugar scrub & Alverde Duschpeeling Kokosraspeln Lotusblüte

My last post was about homemade, inexpensive body scrub, but before that I tested these two products: 

Afrodita: 100% SPA sugar scrub:

First thing, this scrub with brown sugar and shea butter smells amaaaazing, like all Afrodita's 100% SPA line does. It exfoliates your skin very well, but it is not gentle. After use skin is smooth and soft. Whenever I use it, I didn't have to use any other body lotion after. I still like my homemade one better, but this is one of the best scrubs I ever had. I would recommend it to all, especially to people with dry skin. Only people with sensitive skin should apply it carefully.

Alverde: Duschpeeling Kokosraspeln Lotusblüte:

This scrub is so gentle I wouldn't even call it a scrub. It is something special because it contains little pieces of coconut. Unfortunately it didn't exfoliate my skin even a bit, but it did clean it well. So, if you want a gentle massage with pieces of coconut and shower gel, this is the right product for you. It smells like coconut and lotus flower, but nothing really special.

Did you try any of these body scrubs? 

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