24 Aug 2014

Easy but pretty? Yes, please.

Hi ladies, want to learn easy nail art? If you’re into gradient effect, this is something for you. Let me take you step by step:

1. Make sure that your nails are oil free by cleaning them with nail polish remover.
2. Paint them with base coat and add one layer of colored nail polish. This will be your base and it doesn’t have to be perfect, because it serves only for enhancing the colors. Let it dry completely.
3. Take a piece of paper and cut makeup sponge into small pieces. Add a bit of color nail polish on the paper. Take a piece of sponge and dab it into polish and then tap it on the paper a few times so you’ll get rid of the excess polish. The color left on the sponge should be light, so you can do the design in steps.
4. Take a new piece of sponge and do the same process with another color. Do this with as many colors as you want and repeat if you want bolder colors.
5. When you are satisfied with your design top it off with fast drying topcoat – this will really make a difference, as you can see if you compere photos.
6. Clean cuticles with a brush and aceton. If you make an effort with the design, don't be lazy with tiding it up.

Here are the the polishes I used:

From left to right: Kiko Lilac, Bourjois Adora-blue, Revlon Minted
Base and topcoat: Essie First base & Good to go
Base: OPI My vampire is buff

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