11 Aug 2014

Face peeling disc

This little discovery improved my beauty routine a lot! Actually I would never believe that it really works, if I wouldn't try it for myself. 

This silicone pad with tiny bristles is used while cleansing your face.  Cleansing is much more effective, my pores are less clogged and skin is softer. I bought it in DM and it costs around 1,80 eur - really worth the money.  I would recommend this disc to all people. The cleanser, no matter for what skin type is, simply gets more effective.


  1. Pa sem ga že gledala tako v DM kot Tediju pa se kar nisem mogla odločit ali bi ali nebi :)

  2. Naslednjič ko zavijem v DM, nabavim. Tenks bejbz :)!


  3. :) no problem, upam da ti bo ušeč! xx