31 Aug 2014

If you like thrillers, this is something for you.

Hello all,

The summer is almost over and I read quite a few books during it. I usually go for lighter themes or something that immediately grabs me. And oh my god, the book I’m about to present, did just that. I’m talking about psychological thriller; Into the darkest corner written by Elizabeth Haynes. It has definitely been a book of the month for me.

A word of warning, this book in intense, like really intense (at least it was for me). It kind of scared the hell out of me, but at the same time it was so good I couldn’t put it away. I’ll try to sum it up without too much spoilers.

The main character is a woman named Catherine Bailey (now known as Cathy) and the book describes her story from past and present point of view. As you compare them together it seems like there are two different people, so you immediately know that something when really wrong in the time between. Catherine was very outgoing, social and loved to party, but as Cathy has some really serious psychological problems. There are also two men in the book, Lee and Stuart. One of them is the most horrible person I could ever imagine and the other is quite lovely. At first it all seems just weird and uncomfortable, but as the story goes on you begin to realize what the hell is going on. The writer doesn’t spare with the details, so you get full on idea of everything and get to feel all the horribly cruel emotions. Even the end of book gives you chills. You really start to think what some people (with mental issues, of course) are actually capable of and how unfair life can be. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t survive in that kind of situation.

The story, the details, the way it is written, everything is just spot on. If you like psychological thrillers I really recommend this to you. And if you read it, let me know what you think!

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