3 Aug 2014

Refresh yourself #2

Hot days in the summer are the best, but we all need something to refresh ourselves. First of all there is water or something similar – I already did a blog post on that. Next thing, for me, is face mist. 

I love L'occitane Verveine Fresh summer mist, which contains natural mint and organic verbena extract and is, of course, alcohol free. It’s supposed to refresh and help moisturize the skin. You can spray it on your face, body and hair, although I use it only on my face. The smell is amazing - so citrusy, but not too strong. You actually feel more fresh just after you sprayed it on, ah!

In summertime we're also a lot in the sun and get tanned (use protection!!), so I like to take care of my body with a light texture body lotion after I use shower. For this I love Body Ice Gel, which is also from L'occitane Verveine collection. It has cooling effect and also contains natural mint and organic verbena extract. It’s perfect to use after sunbathing or whenever the temperatures are just too high, as it soaks in to the skin really fast, but leaves fresh and non-sticky feeling. Plus, because of the citrusy smell, it repels mosquitoes. Awesome, right?

How do you refresh yourselves? Let me know and enjoy!

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  1. Mmmm, Fresh summer mist zveni božansko! <3