29 Sep 2014

Empties #1

Hello fellow beauty enthusiasts!

Here are the reviews of products I've used up in September:

Carmex moisturising lip balm
Oh, I like that lip balm a lot. One of rarest lip balms that really softened and nourished my lips in the long term. I didn't have to reapply it a lot, also like cooling effect on my lips. I didn't like the packaging, because you have to apply product with your fingers, and that is unhygienic. I'm still looking for lip balm working as well as this one, with more natural ingredients, but till then, I will continue to buy Carmex in stick form.

Alima Pure norushing lipbalm
I like to wear very sheen colors on my lips, and Alima Pure lip balm in shade "Rhubarb" is the one. I love organic ingredients, minty feeling after use and it did nourished my lips very well. This is probably my third Alima's lip balm and I will continue to buy it although it is a little bit pricey.

Afrodita Almond conditioning body milk
This is great moisturizer, skin is soft after use and formula is very light, that's why I like using this milk in the summertime. Unfortunately because of this light formula I have to reapply it almost everyday to keep skin nourished. Oh and I also like the scent. 

Alverde clear washcreme Heilerde
I think the main problem in most Alverde products is alcohol. But in this cleanser, cetearyl alcohol is at 8th place, and for me, this is acceptable. I was using it with my face peeling disc and it worked well. The product is not aggressive, good natural ingredients, great price, after use my skin was cleansed, rid of excess oil on my T zone and wasn't dehydrated. This cleanser is good and it does what it says. 

Hope my reviews helps a bit, enjoy!

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