20 Sep 2014

Little update

Hello everyone!

After a long talk we decided Silver&Rosy must end! Ahh, just kidding. But we did decide what are the main topics we want to write about. Every month we will try to:
  • cheer you up with one great thought
  • find one awesome discovery,
  • share delicious recipe
  • let you know if it's worth to buy cosmetic products we used
  • do some DIY projects to give you ideas how to sped your free time and 
  • every month for all of you fashionistas, new outfit

We love visiting new places, so we will let you know about every cool place we will visit. Also every week we wiil update you with THE 5. 5 great things we would like to let you know about.

Sooo, stay tuned, leave us comments, we are very happy when we hear your opinions.

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