26 Sep 2014


This month I tended to wear more casual clothes with a few rings to accessories, then just put some darker lipstick on to bring a little edge to the whole thing. So yeah, this outfit of the month is nothing extra special, but it is very easy to wear and I felt good it in.

There is a reason why I liked more cozy clothes this month. September is my least favorite month and I am so glad it is ending. It takes so much energy out of me, but well…there is always a good coffee and croissant to cheer me up! Got to look at the bright side of life, right?
Although I am not a fan of this month, fall is has just started and it is my favorite season in terms of fashion. All the layering, sweater weather, leather jackets… Love it! We shall se what October has in store for us. In the meantime, have fun!