28 Sep 2014

THE 5: Cooking/baking channels on YouTube


When you are cooking everyday you can get stuck in a circle of making lots of similar dishes. I get tired quite quickly of the same taste, so I seek instant inspiration on the internet, but if I’m planning stuff I also love cookbooks.
As I’m not really a great cook/baker I rather watch a video, not just read a recipe. Here are The 5 YouTube channels that I love to watch and always find something interesting on them, plus the videos are well made and people making then seem really nice.

1. Everyday Food (Editor Sarah Carey; Shira Bocar, Thomas Joseph)

This is Martha Stewart channel that is divided in three sections:
Everyday food with Sarah Carey: Lots of different ideas every meal.
Eat Clean with Shira Bocar: Healthy but jummy recipes.
Conundrums with Thomas Joseph: He demonstrates correct/best way to work with specific food. Love it!

2. Food wishes by Chef John

He’s got lots of different videos (1000 and going strong) that include all types of food, so you really can’t go wrong there. + he’s so funny!

Inviting friends over? Here are some great ideas how to make delicious food and present if beautifully. Her husband is French, so lots of her recipes are inspired by their cuisine. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind going to any of her dinner parties!

4. The Gray Boxwood (Kaleb and Joel)

Kaleb is the one in front of the camera and he’s super nice. Their videos aren’t just about the recipes but also about gardening and preserving food, plus much more. He lives on a farm where he grows his own vegetables, so he can really give first hand advice.

I discovered Byron through his wife Rachel (her channel used to be named Check in the mirror, it's a beauty blog). I really like how easygoing they both are and all of his food looks so good. Another great mix of dishes from breakfast to desserts.

*All photos are from their YouTube chanells.

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  1. Jaz tudi gledam Everyday Food pa Bryana, super so! :)