23 Sep 2014

Travel log: Riga

As you know, I’ve been in Riga not long ago. My boyfriend and I decided to try and make a short video about our trip. The fact that he is a photographer (you can check his work here) really helped, as I was just filming everything without any knowledge, haha oops. This being the first video we ever made and it was filmed with a phone, I am quite happy with it.

I’ll try and capture our time in Latvia in a few sentences. I think Riga is beautiful – it kinda reminds me of Ljubljana, but much, much bigger. Buildings are all different colors, aren’t tall, lots of greens, streets in the old part of the city are made with stone blocks. It isn't busy at daytime and in the evenings lots of people come out, but at any time city feels alive. Plus we had such a lovely weather, sunny but not hot (I think I saw more sun than I did in all summer at home). We ate delicious food, their fish dishes hits the heart with me. And all the cute caffees, aah! As for shopping and all that girly stuff, there isn’t really a lot going on and the prices can be high. Of course I found a store I loved, Reserved (it’s Poland brand with normal prices and some really cool stuff).

That's enough of me writing, I'll just let you create your own opinion by watching the video bellow. Hope you like it and have a great week!