18 Oct 2014

Empties #2

Can't believe we're in the middle of October already! Here are some new empties:

IKEA's scented candle
I have Beach breeze, turquoise one, smelled of coconuts, not too sweet, very fresh. I like this scent a lot. These candles are not so strong scented as Yankee candles, but the price is much more reasonable.

L'occitane lipstick in Pivoine Flora
I bought this lipstick around 3 or 4 years ago, it is in shade 02 Rose Pique. It did dry out my lips a bit, but the smell of peonies was amaaaazing. I like this sheen color a lot, maybe just a little bit too shimmery.

Fruit of the Earth - Vitamin E Cream
The reason why I bought this cream was, because I wanted body cream with vitamin E. Ingredients of this product are amazing, but I didn't like scent of this cream. Also a little bit pricey for the amount of product you get.

Alverde - Sensitiv Shampoo Birke Salbei
I love all Alverde shampoos, they are perfect if you're on a budget. Birke Salbei is very gentle, I would really recommend this shampoo to all people with sensitive scalp. It cleaned my hair well, and have good natural ingredients.

A. Vogel - eye drops
This is really so refreshing if you have dry, irritated, tired eyes. Must have for me, I repurchase this drops every time I run out, they last around 4 month, the price is reasonable.

Did u try any of these products?

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