19 Oct 2014

THE 5: Pro makeup artists on Youtube

Here are some of my favourite professional makeup artists with useful tutorials, where I often find cool tricks and tips:

My absolute favourite professional make up artist! She is working with many world top celebrities, models magazines and brands. Her explanations are very helpful, videos are clean and I also like her sweet personality.

Samantha and Nicola are sisters but also professional makeup artists. Their tutorials are easy to follow, I love how they work with passion and really try to explain all the details, but still somehow manage to keep it simple.

Such a charming woman, her voice is sooo calming. She is also a celebrity pro make up artist her how-to videos are very interesting.

Amazon.com top-selling author of amazing Makeup books is also a creative force behind YT channel Robert Jones beauty academy. Found there some very educational tricks and tips.

She was the reason why I started watching YT tutorials few years ago. I love her costume looks, so many great ideas. If you watch her (especially old) videos you can find some helpful advices.

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