26 Oct 2014

THE 5: What's in my bag?

I always like 'What's in my bag' posts, to get some new ideas, what is practical to carry around. All my bags are "over shoulder" bags, this one is nothing special, but it is perfect size, love the look of zippers and different texture of (fake!) leather. So here is what's inside:

I never leave home without these 3 basic things: Wallet from S.Oliver, keys, phone.
Cosmetic purse, where I keep:

Illamasqua concealer (review here), Carmex lipbalm, patches, mini deodorant from Balea (this one smells very neutral), Catrice waterproof eyeliner pen (quick and easy to use, very black), Artdeco eyebrow pen, Maybelline Waterproof Rocket mascara(review here), Essence nail file, few tissues and all my medicines in that pink plastic thing for tampons (What! Don't giggle... It is practical!).

It depends on the wether, but almost every time I have: Michel Kors sunglasses, earphones (I store them in lovely S.Oliver heart shape little purse) and mini umbrella.

Smartshake botle -  where I keep my water and apple or some kind of snack to avoid junk food.

Depends on my activities, if I'm going to work with my bicycle - Bicycle lock, when I'm going out at night - pepper spray (Yup... just because you never know...) and if I'm going to grocery store - Eco rabbit shape store bag.

Hope u like it, have fun!

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