31 Oct 2014

TOTM #3: Self discipline

Hello hello!

I'm home, under blanket, so I was thinking... What is the biggest guarantee for success? It doesn't matter what is about, is it business, getting into shape, working harder for college or just start waking up earlier. I think the most important is SELF DISCIPLINE, doing what needs to be done even when you don't want to, working hard on your goals.

For me it's very hard to follow the plan. I can be really organized if I want to be, but I'm also very spontaneous. That's why I've done a little research, nothing special, but from time to time it is good to refresh yourself with that kind of advices.

Here are my conclusions:

1.     Stop knocking yourself down for being undisciplined. Negativity won't help you, this can only demotivates you.
2.     Set goals. I think this is the most important step, because this will be your motivation. Take some time and really think what is the main reason you want to discipline yourself. Think what kind of obstacles can get in the way. Let the goals be real, start with lower goals and when you'll achieve them you can still set yourself higher goals. Otherwise, if your goals are to high, there is possibility you won't achieve them and this can demotivates you.
3.     Create a plan.  Ask yourself what is the best way to achieve your goals and be real, don't forget about all the problems and then plan how will you overcome those problems. I think good idea is that you first test your plan for few days to see if it is working for you.
4.     Take notes of the progress. This will motivates you, gave you the power to follow the plan.
5.  Don't give up! Never! Do your best and be proud of yourself, even if there is a day when you were undisciplined.

P.s.: I believe in you!

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