28 Nov 2014

Empties #3 - 3x repurchase

Hello, hello!

Here are reviews of products I've used up this month:

Alverde volumen shampoo – Olive Henna

This is my all time favourite shampoo, I tried some other shampoos (also from Alverde) but this one works best for my long hair. It gives a little bit of volume (don’t expect miracles) but it does not dry out my colored hair (most of other natural shampoos dry out my scalp and hair). Although it is gentle, it cleanses hair perfectly. Also the ingredients are good, no chemicals in there. The price is low. I’ll definitely repurchase this shampoo.

Maybelline - Volum' Express The Rocket Washable Mascara

I mentioned waterproof version of this mascara in this post. But washable one is my real love. It provides awesome volume, keeps my lashes separated, it holds a curl very well, applies smoothly and it is buildable. It doesn't clump, flake or smudge, because of the great plastic brush, and most importantly it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. It is easy to put this mascara on, also easy to take it off and the price is good. I have plan to try new mascara, but I have a feeling that I’ll soon return to repurchase this one.

AFRODITA Camomile sensitive moisturising cream

This is the most amazing moisturizing cream I ever had. I’ve tried Balea Aqua serum, and it was good, but this one is so much better. It gives moisture in deeper layers of your skin, calms and soothes the irritation of stressed and sensitive skin. I have red bumps on my cheeks from time to time and this moisturizer really helps calm skin down. I’m usually using it in the morning, under the makeup because it sinks in so fast and it also contains some UV filters. Applying makeup after that is heaven. Price is reasonable and I already repurchase this product.

Hope this helps you, enjoy!

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