3 Nov 2014

THE 5: Easy tips for silky, healthy hair

THE 5: How to show some love to your hair?

1. Shampoo & Conditioner
Sun, cold weather, chemical styling processes, heat-styling your hair... All those processes leach protein from hair, that's why you should check the ingredients at your shampoo and conditioner.

-Ingredients you want in your hair products:
amino acids
hydrolized wheat proteins
hydrolized soya proteins

-Ingredients you don't want (or little as possible) in your hair products:
isopropyl alcohol
propylene glycol (PG)
sodium lauryl sufate (SLS) & sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)
aminomethyl propanol

2. After shower avoid rubbing with towel. Instead of that use an old T-shirt or microfiber towel and just gently squeeze excess water.

3. Detangle your hair with care! Use gentle brush (like Tangle teezer) or wide-toothed plastic comb, start with lower sections and move up toward the roots. If you have really tangled hair, use leave-in conditioner on your roots.

4. Heat protection! Try to minimize damage as much as you can with heat protection products, and then air-dry your hair as much as you can and then blow completely dry. When u will be blow-drying your hair, use bristled round brush and move brush down toward the ends, move your blow dryer in the same direction.

5. Finish your styling with shine spray or anti frizz product and avoid alcohol based hairsprays. First apply your product on your hands and then put it lightly on your hair to avoid getting too much product on your hair.


  1. Thanks for these tips, I really found the list of ingredients to look for very helpful.


  2. You are more than welcome, I'm glad the list was helpful. :) !