22 Dec 2014

Face care products awards 2014

Hello! Time for favourite face care products of 2014:

Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Micelle Solution
This is the most gentle makeup remover ever! I’ve tried few micellar waters but Bioderma is just simply the best. You can read my review in this post.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 wash mask
I’ve heard about this product from makeup artist Lisa Eldridge and I just have to try it. Really cleanses my T-zone. You can read more about this product in this post.

And with Neutrogena I’m using my Face peeling disc, which is the cheapest way to make your cleanser much more effective. (Read more)

My all time favourite moisturisers: Afrodita Camomile sensitive nourishing cream and Camomile sensitive moisturising cream.

I’m using nourishing cream before I go to bed, because it really nourishes and regenerates skin during the sleep. It calms my dry red skin. It is heavier than moisturising cream, that’s why I’m a bit oily on my T-zone in the morning but it doesn’t clog my pores. Skin feels so soft in the morning. Oh and it also contains vitamin E.
Moisturising cream has much more light texture and feels so refreshing when I put it on my face in the morning. I’m using it in daytime under the makeup because the cream contains UV filters to additionally increase the effectiveness of skin protection against premature ageing.
Both are paraben, paraffin, silicones, vaseline free and contains camomile extract, which have calming effect and soothes irritation, and green tea extract, which has great antioxidant power.

And of course Carmex moisturising lip balm (review here).

So, these are my favourite face care products, I discovered in 2014. Stay tuned, next post will be body and hair care products awards 2014. Anyway, hope this post helps you, enjoy!

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  1. Carmex is just my favourite!