4 Dec 2014

GIFTs in a JAR!

Woah, december is HERE! Are you excited or what!?
Everyone is doing gifts guides, but I find them kind of boring. You can’t just buy stuff, because its pretty, without any consideration of the person you are giving to. I mean, I love lipsticks, but if someone would give me five minis (and by change almost the same color) in a pack, I would love it but I wouldn’t appreciate it nearly as much the tiniest gift with a thought behind it.
I know DIY gifts aren’t for everyone, but I think it's a good way to customize. I am at crossroads here, I’ve got so many ideas, but I don’t really want to spell it all out here, as my dear ones are reading this. So I thought I would just give you an example of an easy DIY gifts that come in a jar. I think is a great idea! You can decorate it the way you want to and everything is usable. I searched the web and found some really awesome ones.

1. Jar of happiness
Ok this one is mine (not the idea, the photo) and I still think that everyone should have it. The point is to be more present in your life and record your happy moments on a piece of paper. For more in depth  discretion and to lear how to make it - check out our first ever post here. I gave this to all my close ones and they all loved it!


2. Tea (coffee) time jar
I mean,  who doesn't love a good coup of tea or coffee?! You can personalize it by picking their favorite flavor. I found this on The Gunny Sack blog.


3. Natural room scent jar
Oh my, I will be making this for myself. I think it is a very nice gift for someone who like candles, organic stuff, lives on their own and loves winter. This one I found on The Yummy Life blog.


4. Hot chocolate jar
I've made this and people really liked it. Winter time = cozy time. Hot chocolate is just a big plus on a night in. Don't really know which recipe they used here, but I used Jamie Olivers one. So good! This cute jar was found on Love Grows Wild blog.


5. Manicure (spa) jar
For all the beauty loves, this is it. It acts like a gift set, but is so much better, because the things you put inside are the ones that person  actually needs/wants/likes. And the note here is so cute! Found here.


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