7 Dec 2014

The 5: Me time

People aren’t machines. We can’t push ourselves and do nothing on the other side to calm us down. If we do that for a long period of time, the majority of us will end up anxious and feelling down. Balance is the key here. As I had a month packed with stress I thought this would be a good time to share with you what I do when I take time for myself.

1. Relaxation
This is the main thing that keeps me going through whatever the day has in store for me. I tried a lot of different techniques and then combined them in my own little ritual. It takes me from 3 - 15min, depending on the time I have. It’s a mix of belly breathing and relaxing muscles, while also clearing my mind. When you get used to it, it’s so easy and effective.

2. Reading
What is better then reading a good book? It’s nice just to stay in bed and get lost in someone else’s story. As they say: A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair. With a cup of tea by my side, it’s the perfect combination for chill out time. Currently I am reading Consequences by Aleatha Romig.

3. Tv-series
I watch too much tv-series, but I love them. When I am busy I try to put them off so that when I take time for myself I can watch a bunch of them in a row. It takes my mind of worries and let me relax. I watch Scandal, Homeland, The Voice and the list goes on and on…

4. Bath time
At the end of stressful day/week, this feels amazing. The warm water and nice smelling sea salt (I made mine myself, you can check it out here) does wonders for your body, plus I always take a book with me.

5. Sun-seeking
It has been sooo long since we had a sunny day, ugh. So when I take "me" time I try to go outside, somewhere sunny and enjoy the nature. We all know that nature in calming and sun instantly lifts my mood, so I wish I would do that more often.

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