19 Jan 2015

Battle of micellar waters!

When it comes to micellar waters my expectations are:
  •        It must clean the skin and remove makeup easily
  •        It cannot irritate the skin or burn eyes
  •        No rinsing off
  •        Packaging must be useful
  •        As less added unnecessary-irritating ingredients as possible.

 Here are reviews and conclusion:

As I wrote in this post, this one has fulfilled all my expectations.
+      Did remove my makeup and cleaned my skin perfectly
+      It didn’t irritate my skin or burn my eyes
+      You don’t have to rinse it off
+      Cute and useful packaging
+      Isn’t scented and doesn’t contain Poloxamer 184, but it contain cucumber fruit extract, which has calming effect on the skin.

+      Removes makeup ok, but with little more effort than Garnier or Bioderma.
+      It didn’t irritate my skin, actually this one had some moisturizing effect on my skin.
-        It did burn my eyes a little.
-        You have to rinse it off with water.
+      Packaging is nice.
+      It is scent and Poloxamer 184 free, it contains hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5, but it’s still somehow burn my eyes a little.

+      Removes makeup almost as good as Bioderma, you need little more effort when it comes to mascara
+      It didn’t irritate my skin
-        It did burn my eyes a little
+      You don’t have to rinse it off
+      Packaging is ok
-        It contain Poloxamer 184, I think that is the main reason it burned my eyes a little. No other unnecessary ingredients, which is good.

+      It removes makeup well
-        Unfortunately it irritated my skin and burned my eyes.
-        I didn’t notice any sign on packaging if you do have to rinse it off or not, but I do that every time, because of the sticky feeling on my skin after using it.
+      Packaging is ok.
-        Product is scented with orange flower water and contains Poloxamer 184, but I see no point in scented micellar waters.

Conclusion: I’m still searching for micellar water, which can work as good as Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I’m not a big fan of Green Line, but Garnier and Afrodita are pretty good and cheaper replacements, however if you have extremely sensitive eyes they probably won’t work for you.


  1. I love the Garnier Micellar Water as a more affordable alternative to the Bioderma!

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  2. Yes I agree, Garnier is pretty good and cheaper replacement. :) xx S&R