17 Jan 2015

Ingredients: Micellar water

Since Bioderma micellar water worked so well and didn’t irritate my eyes, I wanted to try some other, cheaper  versionsNot all of them impressed me, so I wanted to know the reason and check their ingredients list.

What is it?
Micellar water was named “micellar” because of the micelles oil molecules in its water-like formula. When we are removing our makeup with it, molecules latch onto makeup, dirt, and other impurities. 

Why I like it so much?
+      It is very gentle but effective. 
+      There is no need to wash your face after use. (Great for traveling!)
+      It is great for all skin types.
+      Will work for those who have extremely sensitive eyes or skin.
+      You can use it any time of the year, especially in the summertime when you really want something light.

How to choose the right one?
If we look at their igredients lists, they’re all very similar. But I was asking myself, why was Bioderma working so much better than all the others I’ve tried?
I found two ingredients irritating (especially for my eyes, not so much for my skin). The main problem for me was if micellar water was scented (for example with orange flower water) and if it contains Poloxamer 184, which functions as a cleansing agent.

I’ll compare all micellar waters I’ve tried in next post, tomorrow.

Till then, hope this helps you, enjoy!