9 Jan 2015

Lip balm reviews: Labello, Maybelline, Carmex

As you probably already know, my greatest love is Carmex original in stick form, but I also tested some new lip balms.

Labello: Coconut Lip Butter

NIVEA send us some products from Labello.  I was really happy because I wanted to test one of their lip butters anyway. Coconut Lip Butter:

+Softens lips and it is moisturising while you have the product on your lips.
+It stays on your lips for some time, not as long as Carmex original, but longer than Maybelline Baby lips or Carmex moisture Plus.
+Great smell, I think it would be perfect for summer.

- As soon as I wasn’t reapplying the product every 2-3 hours, my lips went back to being chapped.
-Packaging is cute, but I don’t like applying lip products with my fingers, because it is unhygienic.

I was also looking for tinted lip balm and tested these two:

Maybelline Baby lips: Peach kiss

Oh my… I don’t like it. I like the Maybelline brand itself, but this product doesn’t work for me.
+Very cute, useful packaging
+While it is on your lips, it does soften them, but just a little bit.

-It’s not moiturising, my lips remain chapped as they were before I used it.
-I have color “Peach kiss” and I don’t like it, but I must mention I don’t like any kind of shimmery lip balms.
-It doesn’t last long, not even close to 8 hours (as they promise), you have to reapply it all the time.
-Peachy scent is ok but nothing special.

Carmex moisture Plus: Peach

Nina got me this one for New Years present, because she knew how much I wanted it. I must say I love it, it is not as moisturising as Carmex original, but still great and one of the best tinted lip balms I’ve tried. The only one as good as this was Alima Pure lip balm (review here).

+It softens lips and it is moisturising (but not as Carmex original)
+Peach is the most gorgeous shade ever, not to dark, not too bright, perfect sheer peachy-red color.
+I like the scent (vanilla, but fresh).
+The packaging is useful, nice.

-It doesn’t last very long on your lips, (but overall it is a lip balm not a lipstick, so that is not a problem for me)

I’m about to try some lip balms with more natural ingredients over the next few months so stay tuned.

Hope this helps you, enjoy.

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