5 Feb 2015

Ingredients: Baking soda / sodium bicarbonate

For me baking soda is multitasking wonder. It’s cheap, you probably have it at home and beside baking, cleaning and medical purposes, sodium bicarbonate can be also used in everyday beauty routine. I’m using baking soda as:

1.     Tooth whitener: Right now I’m doing few weeks treatment. Every two days I brush my teeth with baking soda. I dip a wet toothbrush with toothpaste directly into some baking soda and gently brush my teeth. You should notice difference in few days but for a good result keep doing this for 2 -3 or max 4 weeks. After that just once per week. It is really working.

2.     Hair treatment: Add a little bit of baking soda to your shampoo. It will help remove impurities, leaving your hair lighter and with more volume. It should also work as dry shampoo, but I haven’t try this yet.
3.     Pedicure - foot soak: Mix two to three tablespoons of baking soda with warm water, add salt and your favorite essential oil and soak your legs in for 20 minutes. Then scrub your feet with mixture of salt and olive oil. Result? Amazingly soft skin!

4.     Detox bath: Add two to three tabelspoons of baking soda to your bath. It will detoxify and alkalize your body, that’s why I recommend this to all people, at least once per month.

Hope this helps you, enjoy!

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