11 Feb 2015

Travel made easy

Hi there!

We love finding out who our readers are and about their interests. I think something that a majority of you (+us) have in common is the desire to travel. I have quite a lot of experience with that, so I thought I would share my must-have essentials and tips for traveling hassle-free.

 Booking / planning:
Booking a flight: This depends on where you live and where you are going. First, make sure that you use “private browsing mode”, otherwise websites store your browsing history and airlines can see what tickets you are interesed in and the price will go up. I always start my search on pages like Skyscanner or Kayak, that have lots of companies combined and then check Ryanair and Easyjet next. First I look how prices differ in different months (don’t forget to check the weather too) and then deceide when I want to go. I set the date but always look +/- 2 weeks, so I get the most affordable deal. I follow pages even when I don’t have any plans, because there are lots of sales and this way you can get a really good deal.
Place to stay: I used to book hostels and had good experiences, but the first time I booked on Airbnb  (it was the loveliest apartment in Paris) I was hooked. If you thoroughly read the reviews you can’t go wrong here. All the apartments I’ve been to weren’t pricy, but were cozy with all the needed equipment.
Transportation: Put a tube map on your phone and check prices/deals on the internet beforehand. If you would also like to visit more remote places I recommend renting a car (as train can be quite expensive and limits your route). A great option are RelayRides - they are based on peer-to-peer car rentals connecting car owners with renters, basically Airbnb version for cars. You know how we don’t use our cars half the time (or more)? So people put their cars for rental for the time they don’t need it and we can rent it. Genius.
Print all of your itinerary the day before and put a passport and health insurance card next to them, so you don’t have to worry about this on the day of your travel.
Plan your acitivties before-hand, but let there be room for spontaneity. Try to incorporate events/places that locals like - mr. Google knows it all so don't hesitate to ask him. + TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and reviews from other  tourists will give you lots of ideas. I also borrow turist guides from the library when I go somewhere for the first time.

Must-have essentials:

I think we all know how the story goes: “I’ll pack just the things I REALLY need” and one hour later there is a suitcase packed so tight that you have to sit on it if you want to close it. Of course, by the end of your travel you don’t even touch half of the stuf.
This happened to me too many times, so I now try to travel light – less baggage leaves more room for enjoyment (but keep in mind I’m no backpacker):
Smartphone: This really is a must-have with apps a like Google maps, TripAdvisor, In Your Pocket, Like a Local, Triposo…
Good camera: You want your camera to be small and light, but good quality. I'm using Fuji X100s and find it perfect for capturing adventures. 
Kindle & Ipod: Without a good book and music plane rides feel much longer.
Converter: One in all is the best option here.
Extra batteries & cables: Well, without this all the above won't do you any good.
Luggage scale: This will keep you from going over your weight limit.
Snack: Frutabela, Nakd bars,... something healthy-ish that is refresing and makes you feel full. You don't want to buy food on airplane, as it is priceeey.
+ Clothes, comfy shoes, hand cleanse gel, medicine and cosmetics: I won’t  go in to details here, because it depends on where/when you are going and what kind of person you are. All I can say is, think about the things you'll be doing and pack according to that. If you want to know what make-up I use while traveling I already did a post on it here

Hope this comes in handy for any of you. Spring is slowly coming and I hope your travel takes part in it!

*This post was made in collaboration with RelayRides in their travel must-have essentials series.


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  3. Thanks for the tips! I've travelled a good amount before, but never heard of the private browsing mode. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes, you'll see, it can really make a difference. I'm glad I helped! :)