10 Mar 2015

Review: Hand creams

Lipbalms are very important during the winter, but the second body care products are hand creams. When it comes to hand creams, there are my expectations: it must be moisturizing, it must soak in fast, must be nice scented, staying power must be good, and must have nice packaging. So, here are my reviews:

Afrodita Pleasure time hand & nail cream

I wrote review for this cream in thispost, and I still think it is one of best creams I’ve tried.
It was moisturizing, soaked in quite fast, the nicest scent ever, and very good staying power. I think the packaging is cute and the price wasn’t high. Too bad it was LE.

Alverde handreme Calendula

This cream soaks in the fastest of them all. It is moisturizing, but doesn’t have very long staying power. You have to reapply it about 4-3 times per day, which is acceptable for me, especially because of fast absorbing effect.  I like the herbal scent, the packaging is very nice and the price was low. Ah, and I must mention, ingredients are good and natural. I will probably buy this cream again.

L'occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream

I didn’t like this hand cream.  It smells nice, and has nice packaging, but that is it. The price is high, it soaks in fast but it isn’t moisturizing and it doesn’t have long staying power. I had to reapply it all the time.

Kneipp Handcreme Mandelbl├╝ten Hautzart

This is a good hand cream, but wasn’t one of my favourite either. It is greasy, that’s why it didn’t soak in fast. It smells nice and it is moisturizing. I also think this hand cream contains very good ingredients, that’s why I bought it in the first place. I love Kneipp as a company and their bath oils are awesome. But for me waiting too long for handcream to soak in is just... ahhh, pain in the ass. But if that doesn’t bother you, I would recommend it.

Hope this helps you, enjoy!

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  1. The Alverde handreme Calendula one sounds nice, minus the fact that it's not long lasting!

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