21 Mar 2015

Travel: Cape Town #2

Table mountain

I didn't really know what to expect when traveling to South Africa. I knew that the summer is ending, nature should be quite beautiful and you should take your safety seriously. And then I got there…and was blown away the first day!

I can’t even imagine how beautiful the landscape must be in the spring when there are flowers blooming everywhere, because even in (almost) fall, it was so beautiful. We rented a car and drew around the surroundings of Cape Town and were in awe while discovering beautiful south - Table mountain national park. Those beaches (you can see them here), I could just be there and stare forever. We saw lots of different animals roaming around, like monkeys (they didn’t let us leave until we gave them a banana), ostrichs, antelopes, seals… We also saw African penguins – I know this don’t make sense, but supposedly there were two penguins that lost their way and ended up on Africa’s coast. As they were female and male, they continued reproduction and now you can see lots of them on Boulders and Foxy beach, you can also freely swim with them. But those are just the animals we saw, I imagine there are lots more, for example you can also see whales from up close when the season in right. We also drove along Chapman's peak, this is a famous road right along the coast. As everyone says, you have to see the view from Table Mountain and it sure was the best thing I have ever seen - the pictures don’t do any of it justice at all (I didn’t have wide lenses). Beside the view, the quiet there is priceless. Africa is so wide, even the sky can’t compare with the one at home. I don’t really know how to explain this, but it is fascinating.

Even when you go norther from Cape Town – we went to Safari – the landscape is gorgeous. Clouds are traveling really fast and quite low, so just watching that is magical – the way it looks like they will eat the mountain and then they just disappear. Of course, the Safari experience was something to remember forever. All the animals right next to you, being “free”. There is also adrenaline, what if any of them go wild? You have to sign that you are responsible for yourself if anything goes wrong. I didn’t take lots of photos, I preferred to just soak in all the beauty.

Oh, and the food! Dishes were always made fresh and there is something for everyone, from meat, seafood, fruits… They have lots of farms and we ate the best food there. Lots of those farms also have vineyards, so the wine is great.

As it goes for the city of Cape Town, it’s touristy, especially the Waterfront, but still beautiful. It didn’t wow me as much, because I wanted to see the real Africa. But unfortunaly when we are talking about real Africa, there are things that really aren’ all that nice also. Native people are the nicest people I have ever meet and so chilled (really, for lunch you should take min. 2 hours, because eveeerything moves really slowly), I really liked them! But I feel they are still being used, as example, everywhere you go to eat and manager comes, it’s a white person. And the "houses" they live in, I can’t even… You’ll see the slums in the photos bellow… There are whole settlements that are organized by white people that use them as workforce. I mean, for me, this ain’t ok. Also, everywhere there are nice houses – there are lots in the city – they have barbed wire around them to keep them safe from violance. This is also a problem there and there are lots of baggers that will steal everything you have once you let them get close to you. One of the things native people do best is do nothing. As you drive around there are people everywhere just sitting by the road doing nothing. I think all this is also very important, because this is the reality there.
All in all, this is one of the best journeys I have ever taken and will happily go and discover more of Africa, as it is huge!!

Green market

Lion mountain

Cape Town from above 



Chapman's peak


  1. oh wow, the pictures are so beautiful!

    this really makes me want to go to south afrika even more--I absolutely loved it!



  2. Wau, wau, wau <3 Res zgleda čudovito vse skupaj, živali, narava.. se kar uživim v tvoje opise :)

  3. Afrika = Vau!!!!! <3

  4. Thank you :) I know right, I want to go back too!


  5. Neither did I, but that made it even better :).