21 Apr 2015

Reviews: Products with Hyaluronic acid

As I promised yesterday, here are two great products with Hyaluronic acid I've tried. 

I've already reviewed Afrodita's HYALURON body lotion in this post. I'm still using it and it is one of my favourite, if not my favourite body moisturizer.

Second product I want you to know about is Balea Aqua Feuchtugkeits Serum. I’ve read so many positive reviews about this serum and after that the only reasonable thing to do was to try it myself. Here is my review:

+Very light texture, fast absorbing formula
+Very moisturizing
+Leaves skin soft and smooth
+It is refreshing (great for summer days)
+It contains Hyaluronic acid (labeled as "Sodium Hyaluronate" on the packaging) and vitamin E as antioxidant
+ Extremely low price (around 3 euros)
+Great packaging, one pump of product is just enough for whole face
+Great for under makeup

-If you have extra dry skin, put something a little more greasy on top of that serum.

Overall I think this serum is worth the hype. It is great solution for all skin types. I would highly recommend it especially to all of you lovely readers with problematic skin or skin with impurities. I think skin with acne has (in most cases) dry epidermis and need something extra moisturizing, but not greasy. And this is budget friendly, effective moisturizer.

Hope this helps you, enjoy.

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