1 May 2015

Travel: Benefits of being prepared

Lets face it, airports are crowded and you have too much junk with you (atleast woman do, oops) and nerves are kicking in while you wait in lines… But! Lots of nerves can be calmed if you are properly prepared. With that I don’t mean that you have to have every possible plan in your mind and crazily check everything 100 times… What I do mean is having an understanding of how things work and have the most important things at hand. Those are:
- Passport: Always have it at hand. There are so many handy passport “bag” out there + they look really good too. 

- Airplane ticket: You have two options: 1. Printed ticket: Always print it beforehand, because you don’t want to waste money on way too expensive printer machines. Have it next to your passport. 2. Ticket on you phone: The best option, as it saves paper and you always have it at hand anyway. I mainly use Passbook (for iphone users) or I download airline apps from where you can save your ticket.

- Security: going through security will be much easier if you’ll have ready all the things you need to take out of your case: passport and ticket, laptop at the top of the case (+ipad, kindle etc.), cosmetics in a plastic bag with all liquids + get rid of everything with capacity of more than 100ml beforehand and don’t have sharp stuff with you (like metal file). Take off all jewelry, scarf, jacket and try not to wear clothes with metallic bits in it or the machine will beep. If you don’t do this at first you’ll be asked to do it later and that can be quite time-consuming.

- Boarding: if you have priority, that's great, but if you don’t, there really isn’t any point in being the first in line as you will be standing for a loooong time and still have to wait for everyone else to arrive. Have you passport and ticket ready, they will check it at least ones but most possible twice: at boarding gate and at the entrance of the plane.

- Airplane: buy water/snacks after crossing security as most cheaper airlines don’t offer that on the plane (you can buy it, but the price is too high while the taste is bleh). Think about what you want to do during the flight and have whatever you’ll need (book, ipod..) out of the bag before the plane takes off. This way you won’t have to wait until you’re up in the air and you can undo your seatbelt + you won’t disturbe everybody in you line, because they will have to stand up, so you can take things from the cabin.

- Arriving: have you passport and ticket at hand as there will most possible be another passport check. Also check beforehand what are your best options about the transport from the airport.

Hope this helps you and have a great weekend!
Ps. Do you have any other useful advice? I would love to read it!

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