7 May 2015

Disappointing products

I'm always writing about the products I love and I keep searching for best quality products for the lowest prices. Before I buy something, I do a little research on the web.  I'm always checking ingredients that product contains, reading reviews etc. But even then I sometimes buy products that just don't work for me. So, here they are:

1 May 2015

Travel: Benefits of being prepared

Lets face it, airports are crowded and you have too much junk with you (atleast woman do, oops) and nerves are kicking in while you wait in lines… But! Lots of nerves can be calmed if you are properly prepared. With that I don’t mean that you have to have every possible plan in your mind and crazily check everything 100 times… What I do mean is having an understanding of how things work and have the most important things at hand. Those are:

28 Apr 2015

Review: Weleda Skin Food

Recently, I'm trying to use all of my cosmetic products, except makeup, as natural as possible. This is another multi use product that I love from Weleda. It is literally food for skin, the most nourishing cream ever. I'm using it for my face, hands, legs (heels), elbows, lips, and for all areas where I have dry skin.

24 Apr 2015

OOTM #10

This months outfit: simple, comfortable, feel good.

21 Apr 2015

Reviews: Products with Hyaluronic acid

As I promised yesterday, here are two great products with Hyaluronic acid I've tried.